Priceless Body Foundation Tips from Dove Just in Time for Your Fabulous Holiday Galas

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Dr. Alicia Barba, is an internationally renowned beauty expert, Dove dermatologist, and founder of Barba Dermatology and Barba Skin Clinic.

Body foundation is all the rage. After all, celebrities and luminaries use this marvelous, not-so-secret makeup method to achieve a flawless skin effect. You’ve discovered this technique too! But did you know that you should exfoliate and moisturize first? So, as you prepare for your magnificent soirees and galas this holiday season, it’s essential that you prep before you primp.

We asked Dr. Alicia Barba, an internationally renowned beauty expert, Dove ( dermatologist, and founder of Barba Dermatology and Barba Skin Clinic (, to share the importance of safely caring for one’s skin prior to smoothing over bruises, birthmarks, blemishes, tattoos, and other minor imperfections. Dr. Barba shares that improper use of makeup can result in concerns such as clogged pores, acne, breakouts, and dry or oily skin. Since healthy skin is paramount, this esteemed expert offers great pointers on body foundation before you get glammed up and head out to your fabulous parties.

What is body foundation?

Body foundation is used for evening out skin tones from bad sun burns or smoothing imperfections such as bruises. It ultimately gives a natural tan or deeper color to the skin. Think of body foundation like the perfect pair of sheer-to-invisible stockings for the whole body.

Why is it all the rage?

If you’ve been anywhere near social media recently, you may have noticed influencers and celebrities posting about how body foundation has been their lifesaver! For example, Kim Kardashian showed her fans how she used KKW Body Foundation on her sunburn. More and more, beauty brands have launched body foundation products and it seemed to be the hottest trend this past summer.

Why is it important to properly prep one’s skin?

Before applying any form of makeup, make sure your skin is properly prepped. That includes removing any dead skin cells, dirt, etc. I recommend exfoliating your body as it’s the easiest method and allows for moisturizers to penetrate the skin better. Be gentle when exfoliating in the shower and remember that exfoliation and moisturization should always go hand in hand. I recommend a gentle cleanser, like the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash. It has ultra-mild cleansing agents mixed with Nutrium Moisture, Dove’s special blend of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, to hydrate while cleansing.

What happens if skin is not properly prepped?

If your skin is not properly prepped before applying body foundation, your skin is in danger of body breakouts due to oil, dirt, and makeup clogging pores. Your pores are likely to appear larger and your skin will look dull rather than glowing and radiant.

Why is it important not to skip the sunscreen? Always a must have! Your skin is the largest human organ, and it is the most visible. No matter what season we’re in, know that the skin constantly absorbs ultraviolet aging rays like a sponge This then damages your DNA, collagen, and cause pigment abnormalities. People of color should wear sunscreen as well.

How does one include sunscreen with body foundation?

PRO TIP: Opt for a body foundation that is SPF infused. There are many body foundations that contain SPF. You can also wear sunscreen underneath your foundation, and it provides a better base for your makeup application. I advise waiting a few minutes before applying your foundation to allow your sun protection to set and be absorbed in the skin. Remember, a minimum SPF of 30 is recommended for everyday use and should be applied more frequently when increased sun exposure occurs.

Why and how should the foundation be removed?

It is important to remember that wipes only remove whatever is on the surface of the skin, which means pores and everything below the skin is left neglected. I recommend using a cleanser like the Dove Beauty Bar that also hydrates your skin while effectively removing all makeup . You can remove the body foundation by lathering the beauty bar across the parts where you originally applied foundation.

Why should one’s body have special treatment? Simply treat your body the way you would treat your face: with caution and care. Sleeping in your makeup can cause all sorts of negative effects on your skin such as body acne, breakouts, and clogged pores. Makeup remover wipes aren’t enough — even though they are most tempting to use. Wipes only remove whatever is on the surface of the skin, which means pores and everything below the skin is left neglected. The Dove Beauty Bar is a cleansing formula that is perfect for make-up removal and its ¼ moisturizers will leave your skin soft, smooth and glowing, without striping away skin’s moisture like ordinary soap does!

A variation of this article appeared in Upscale Living Magazine.

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